Oliver (F1b)

"Isn’t he beautiful! Almost 14 months old...he’s been in our family for almost a year! He’s a sweet, smart, adorable 85 lb. lovey! He’s graduated to being out of the crate and is just such a good boy. He goes to doggie daycare once a week in the summer and they say he’s so social and happy. Love love love our Oliver Doodle 💙🐾💙"
- Connie | August 2018

"Hi...I wanted to share some pictures of my Oliver Doodle...he’s turning into such a wonderful dog...10 months old. My favorite thing is when he lays on the floor next to the couch and waits for me to sit...my husband is already sitting mind you...he waits for me! Love him"
- Connie | April 2018

"Hi...Oliver got his 2nd puppy cut today...he's sooooo cute...sometimes looks all poodle (like sawyer) sometimes like today I see sheepdog....Just love him! House training is coming along...although a little slower than I would have liked. He knows what he?s supposed to do he?s just not giving enough clear signals...like he?s not barking at the door just sort of sitting and if you miss it oh well! We have a fenced in yard and he loves to play but doesn?t really get he?s supposed to pee/poop unless we leash him first. He's a very sweet affectionate boy who loves our quiet time at 5:00 am. Just he and I sit in the dark for about 10 minutes before I go to the gym. He's so cute...he goes out and pees then waits for me in the darkened family room to cuddle. Hope all is well...looks like you?re due for lots of babies soon! Best,"
- Connie | December 2017

"Just got back from the vet...perfect bill of health...she was very pleased with all of your protocols and how wonderful he looks! Thank you!"
- Connie | August 2017

"Oliver is home and very happy! He did great on the plane and in the car! He's meeting lots of new people and one very big brother (mastiff!). Thanks for sending him so clean and well taken care of!"
- Connie | August 2017