"Hi, Attached is proof of Olive'a spay. Let me know if you need anything else from me. Olive has continued to grow like a weed since the last time we spoke. She started therapy dog training with the goal to volunteer at the Children's Hospital I work at. She has the best personality and just is so loving and sweet. She got her first full groom last weekend and looks like a completely different pup! Here are a few pictures of her and her big brother"
- Brittany | January 2020

"Hi, Hope all is well. Wanted to update you on little (big) miss Olive. She's growing like a weed. So stinking cute and in love with her big brother and the local dog park. She's soo social and happy. I often end up calling her "Jolly Ollie." I'm still hoping to make her a volunteer at the local children's hospital. She has the perfect disposition for it! Here are a few pictures and videos. I loved her so much I convinced my best friend to get one. "
- Brittany | August 2019

"Here is a picture of Olive and big brother Duncan from Fourth of July. She's getting bigger by the day. Is still having a difficult time with potty training but getting better each day. Is now staying for longer periods of time while I walk away too! She's starting to gray. When do you typically start to see graying start and/ or stop? Does the age at the time of when they start correlate with the amount of graying? Only curious. I love her gray, ombré look. "
- Brittany | July 2019

"Olive and I just got back from the vet. She's healthy and happy. Up to 20.2 lbs. Shes growing like a weed. And cuter than a button."
- Brittany | June 2019

"Just had a quick question for you. I've been looking at Olives food and the feeding schedule to begin increasing her amount. It's all based off target goal weight. What weight range should I be basing her food increase on? She's doing wonderfully. So happy and social. Already knows sit, lay down, comes on command, stays for 3-5 seconds and is working on leaving things. "
- Brittany | June 2019

"Hi, Just got back from the vet a bit ago. Olive is healthy and happy. I have attached a copy of their record of her. Let me know if you need anything more from me. Her poop has become increasingly looser last night and this am. Any thoughts? The vet is penn animal hospital in Pittsburgh pa if you have any other questions or concerns for them. She did wonderful overnight. Follows Duncan everywhere and loves her walks."
- Brittany | May 2019

"Great! yes loose stool is normal when undergoing stress :) Keep me updated"
- Angel Breeze

"That's what I figured. Just wanted to make sure I can't get enough of her snuggles. Thanks!" - Brittany