"I hope one day you guys do newfypoos again. Our Obi is literally the perfect dog. He has been so amazing since we got him, and once we had our son we realized just how special he was. Liam, our son, can crawl all over him, jump on him and all sorts of things. Obi doesn't even flinch. I know all owners say their dog is amazing, but anyone that meets Obi says he is the best dog they ever met. If you ever sell them again, we'd love to know. Here are some recent photos of him. Obi is now 6 1/5 years."
- Anika | September 2020

"Hi, I just recently did a review on the Angel breeze Facebook page about our sweet Obi, newfypoo. (4.5 years old) He could not be better for our sweet 16 month old son. They are best buddies! He plays so gentle with our son. Obi allows him to lay on him, sit on him, and play with him however he pleases. Obi is the most gentle giant. Obi and my son love playing tug of war, and Obi always allows our tiny baby/toddler to win haha. I did some testimonials a few years ago about Obi, but now we are realizing how special he really is. He has always been amazing, but with the addition of our son, we have learned that Obi is more than amazing. He is the perfect dog for our son. We wouldn’t change anything about our Obi! I truly believe Obi has helped our son become a happy, dog loving boy! We are in St. Louis Missouri. We had him sent to us via airplane. Obi is 115 lbs. So, I’d think that is actually on the smaller side for a newfypoo male, but he is perfect size for us. I think I remember you saying Obi’s mom was 100lbs and his dad was about 65lbs. "
- Anika | November 2018

"Here is a recent photo of Obi (newfypoo) His 2nd birthday is just around the corner and he is just so wonderful. Such an important part of our family."
- A. Stroup | February 2016

"Obi is 1 years old today! We had so much fun celebrating. He played in the snow, listened to us sing to him and ate his yummy birthday cake. He was such a happy boy! We are so thankful for him."
- A. Stroup | February 2015

"Hi, I just thought I would send you a picture of Obi, our sweet Newfypoo. He is about 10 months old and doing wonderfully. This christmas Obi was around toddlers and infants for the first time and he did amazing. He just wanted to lay down by the children. We were so proud of him. "
- A. Stroup | January 2015

"Here is a photo of our sweet Obi boy. He is growing like a weed. He is 8 months old and 80 lbs. He is such a sweetheart. He loves every person and every dog he comes across. He is a natural lover."
- A. Stroup | October 2014