"Just a quick update, Nova sure looks different after a year at home with us ( first picture is the day we brought her home, the second picture is yesterday) but we couldn’t love her more if we tried! She has the biggest personality and still thinks she is a tiny little lap dog that likes to take up all the space in bed! Thanks,"
- Liz, Crystal & Nova | December 2018

"Good Morning, Just a quick update on Nova (Jill) we had her spayed on Thursday August 9th, she is doing really well. I attached the spay info as well as her whole chart from the vet. Please let me know if you need anything else from us. Other than the spay she is a super happy and cuddly girl, she still thinks she is small enough to be a lap dog and we couldn’t love her more if we tried!"
- Liz, Crystal & Nova Miller | August 2018

"Hi! We just wanted to send you an update about Nova (FKA: Jill). She is a very fun, Happy and healthy 30 lb ball of fluffy energy! She makes us so happy and we couldn't love her more if we tried! She loves to cuddle, play fetch and sleep on every pillow possible!"
- Liz, Crystal & Nova Miller | February 2018

"Nova (aka Jill) is adjusting well and is very loved! Thank you again!"
- Liz, Crystal & Nova Miller | December 2017