"Please find attached the puppy's first exam with our veterinarian. Our vet was very impressed with her temperament and health. She says you are doing a great job with your program.

We are enjoying our girl. We have named her Nana (aka McKenna) based on the book Peter and Wendy. She is so loving and sweet. We find that she is also very smart. She catches on so quickly and already adores our children. It is as if she has always lived here.

She does really well with the crate. We’re on a strict crate training schedule. Was she introduced to it in your care? Eating and drinking excellent. She knows what to do outside, which is nice.

We are getting situated with the big dog too. Taking it slow with a few short, supervised visits in the yard, a day. Or we let them sniff each other through the playpen. Nana could really care less about him but he really wants to look her over. We’ve also placed their crates near each other so they can bond a little that way.

I’ve contacted our dog trainer and I can’t wait for him to meet her.

Please tell Jerald and his wife that I really appreciated them meeting me with her in Harrisburg. They are a lovely couple and the delivery went so smoothly. We both arrived early. It was so cold that day!

I’ll be in touch as our Nana grows."
- Nikki | February 2023