"Hi, I just wanted to let you know we love our Nala (formerly Lainey)! She has just received her shots yesterday so I can’t wait to take her out in public places and show her off:) How long of a distance do you think is appropriate for her to walk at this age (3 months)? I can’t remember how far I walked Bear when he was a puppy.... I obviously don’t want to overdo it especially considering she is growing so much, but want to make sure she gets enough exercise. Also, out of curiosity, do you have the weight & height available for her mom (Tula) and dad (Tanner)? Thanks so much! (Ps the last picture is from this weekend when she went with us to Northstar Resort in Lake Tahoe, CA where we have our vacation house. She did great on the car ride and we only kept her in the house and in the back yard of the house since she had not received all her shots yet so she didn’t really get to explore much yet)."
- Hanna | August 2018

"Hi, Her name is Nala :) My husband and I had voted for Saga, but the kids didn’t agree so we compromised. She is super cute and cuddly! I took her to the vet today and all was fine. She got the booster vaccine. Ever since yesterday, she has been walking a little “tipsy” leaning to one side or the other, but the vet maybe thought you’d given her a pill to make her slightly sedated for the plane ride? Please enjoy the pictures of her attached. Our Bernese Mt Dog, Bear thought she was a squeaky toy and was a bit confused when she didn’t squeak when he gently pressed her back with his nose;) We love her!"
- Hanna, Douglas, Freya & Sven | August 2018

"Hi, Wanted to let you know Lainey arrived to SFO and she is adorable. Flight landed on time, but plane wasn’t assigned a gate until an hour later so she was pretty late, but seems fine. We have about an hour drive to Walnut Creek and will let you know when she has settled in and will send you some pictures later today :)"
- Hanna | August 2018