"Hope you are doing well. Wanted to share the latest paperwork from the vet with you and an update on Murphy (aka "Lance" - 10//22/20 litter). Murphy is an absolute joy, and it has been fun to watch him grow! Attached are a few photos taken after he was recently groomed. His sable coat is a beautiful mix of white, black, brown & gray - it will be interesting to see how it continues to evolve as he gets older. People frequently comment on his soulful eyes - he is very expressive! Above all else, Murphy loves people. He is very playful and gets along well with other dogs (he also likes to play with our cat, who is less interested but can hold his own). While he can be a little apprehensive at first about approaching new people and dogs, once he gets acquainted he makes fast friends. He regularly greets our neighbors with great enthusiasm. Murphy loves toys and a good game of backyard or indoor fetch. He has mastered the art of sit and is very quick to offer his favorite greeting - a shake. You can find him on Instagram @murphy_meanders and are welcome to share with anyone who is wondering what a sable Sheepadoodle looks like! Thanks!"
- Amanda | June 2021

"Hope you are having a great week! Attached is the receipt from our vet visit for "Lance" who we have decided to rename Murphy! We got a good report from our Vet Dr. Sears - he was impressed by his size at 9 weeks - he's going to be a big guy. We are also scheduled on Jan. 5 for his next round of vaccinations. We finally received our shipment of NuVet vitamins so we are all set there. Thanks, again, for the extras! He was so good during the ride home, and has settled in very nicely for his first night and weekend at home! Here are a few of my favorite photos of Murphy from his first few days at home. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
- Amanda | December 2020