"Hello, It’s been 2 weeks with Ned, who we named Mumford, and he is incredible! My wife cried when I surprised her with him and he has been a delight. Very playful, but calm when you want him to relax. He is the cutest puppy I have ever seen in my life and anyone we see when we are out and about with him agrees. He isn’t a big eater, so we have been emphasizing him finishing his meals. We have kept him on the Royal Canin puppy food and he likes it. When he gets riled up he will nip at you and gnaw on the rug or couch, but responds pretty well to no bite. We took him to the vet last week and again this week, they loved him and said he was in great health. He is responding well to potty training and is already sometimes walking over to the door/foyer area when he needs to pee! We try to take him out around 15 minutes after he drinks a lot, then every few hours besides that. We are putting him in the crate when we leave and also every now and then during the day when he is tired. He cries a little sometimes but not much. Also spending nights in the crate and is very good. I just want to say thank you again for Mumford and for everything you helped with in the process. He is everything we could have ever asked for and we will continue to check in. Here are a few pics!"
- Jack | September 2018