"I have lots of recent pics of Moose. There are some with his cone on after he was neutered (he looked so cute, I couldn't help it), a few before his new haircut (one of him after digging in the mud and being totally dirty!) and a few were just taken when he got his summer haircut! So handsome"
- Kellie | July 2020

"I was just thinking about you today as I was giving Moose a bath, and thought I would send a quick update on him! He is just over 6 months old and around 60 pounds. Once this pandemic is over, we should be able to get him neutered. He did get his first grooming right before the lockdown started, and he is now a light brown instead of a dark brown! He is such a good dog though. His temperament is wonderful, and he is especially the patient with my 2-year old. Here are some pics (before and after he was groomed) and then the last one is the most recent one taken today. Hope you are well! "
- Kellie | May 2020

"Happy New Year! I am sending proof of our first vet visit from 12/22/19 and a picture I took today of Moose (formerly Ellis). He is such a good boy and growing so fast! The vet found a heart murmur at his first appointment on 12/22, but we took him back today to get his 2nd round of vaccines and the vet couldn't hear it anymore! Otherwise, Moose is doing well being potty trained and adjusting to his new home. We are so happy with him! Thank you for breeding such a good puppy :-) "
- Kellie | January 2020