Mona, Marley, Meddie

"Thought I’d send you a picture of our girls! (Mona & Marley f1b sheepadoodles, Meddie is f1 ) They love the boat and water! "
- Heather | September 2022

"Meddie hanging out with her grandpa (my dad) he adores her!"
- Heather | October 2020

"Cuteness overload"
- Heather | October 2020

"This is what I saw when I opened the door after my shower today! We had to get a king size bed so there was room for all 3 of our girls. If anyone has any doubt about getting two dogs don't, it's a no brainer and actually three is even better!"
- Heather | October 2020

"We got the girls Marley and Mona fixed last Friday. We planned on doing it sooner but they were closed due to Covid and then both girls went into heat, one in June and one in July so we had to wait until a month after. Do you want me to send you a copy of the receipt?"
- Heather | August 2020

"We can't get them fixed yet as our vet is only doing emergency surgeries. We are keeping them away from other dogs and aren't working right now so are able to spend all our time with them. We are all loving it!"
- Heather | April 2020

"Mona (Jessie) Marley (Jackie) We absolutely love our girls and so so thankful we have both of them!! "
- Heather | November 2019

"Going for a ride and so well behaved. My dad and I took them for a walk downtown today. They are doing fantastic and we can't imagine our life without them. Ok this may sound crazy but we were talking about how we couldn't imagine not having both of them and then felt bad we didn't take all 3 girls. If for any reason Jane (the third sibling from that litter) didn't work out make sure to let us know as we'd take her."
- Heather | September 2019

"They're doing great! Very busy and very entertaining :) They are learning their names and doing well with crate training. Hard to say who's boss cuz they both seem to take turns doing the bossing:) We thought it was Mona but Marley has been being more feisty. We are so so happy we got both of them. I'll keep you updated with pictures. Good luck today I know you were going to have a lot of puppy pick ups!"
- Heather | September 2019

"Jessie's name is Mona (Mo) and Jackie is Marley. They're doing great! We're absolutely in love with them!"
- Heather | August 2019