Belle and Molly

"Hi, Thank you very much for contacting me about Tory/Molly. We picked her up on Saturday and everything seems to be going well so far. We are very grateful to have her! I will send you her vet info as soon as we go. I have an appointment scheduled for mid-April. Would you be able to email her 8 week puppy pictures? I'd love to be able to print them like we did for Belle! Also, could you tell me how much each of her parents weigh? Just want to get an idea of what she might weigh. We are going to keep the name Molly. She has a great personality and seems very comfortable! She is very easy going. I filled out and signed the application online. I got Molly's AKC Reunite info. changed over. I had to have it "officially" transferred over because even with the key number, I wasn't able to update the information to mine. Jen accepted the transfer right away. I got a new key number and I am all set now."
- Deborah | April 2020

"Below are a few recent pictures of Belle. She absolutely loves other dogs! I think she would love a puppy but it makes me a little nervous just the unknown. She always loves meeting and playing with other dogs though. Thank you."
- Deborah | March 2020

Molly was rehomed, due to severe allergies within her first family.

"The longer Molly is in our house, my 6 year old daughter is becoming very symptomatic. She has been around animals on and off and never shown any problems, but having one live in our home is proving to be an issue. She now is presenting with hives when Molly licks her. These are symptoms I used to have prior to my year and a half of allergy injections and mine developed into hives in my throat and I'm so scared that's where Annabelle is heading. I am really at a loss for what to do here. At 6 years old, I'm not willing to subject her to weekly allergy injections and I'm very hesitant to start her on daily allergy medications at such a young age. I'm wondering what, if any, my options are? I hate the thought of not having Molly, and I'm not sure that's the route we want to take, but if we have to are you ever willing to purchase back? Or partially compensate for any of the cost of the pup? We've bathed her since having her and it didn't seem to make much of a difference. I will bathe her again in the morning. My kids will be devastated if we can't keep her and I'm facing such a tough decision. Thank you so much."

"She's such a good dog. She sits and shakes on command. Stays in her crate all night with no whining and never has accidents in there. Rings her doorbell to go potty (though still has some accidents inside). She's the best. Annabelle's eyes and skin are very itchy too. I gave Molly a bath this morning and it seems to have helped slightly. But the reality is, as she gets full size, I'm not sure a weekly or twice weekly tub bath will even be feasible. I should've known with how severe my allergies have always been, that I'd pass that on to at least one of my four."

"She is going to take Molly today. I am so thankful for you- thank you for setting this up. We are heartbroken, but I'm so happy for Molly that she'll get to be with another pup"
- Jennifer | March 2020

"She perked up after about 30 min. I think all 4 kids bombarding her was just overwhelming. She's exhausted again. Sleeping soundly, after 2 walks and non-stop attention. Poor sweet girl is going to sleep good tonight! She's wonderful and so adored already. And we named her Molly."
- Jennifer | March 2020