"Update on Minnie, Newfypoo from fall of 2015, now 3.5 years old. She is the best dog ever. She is gentle, loyal, and our daughter's best friend. We would take another if you were still breeding them. Any chance you will start again? Hope all is well."
- A. Davis | March 2019

"Hi, Here is a photo of Minnie (newfypoo) and her owner, our daughter. She is a wonderful puppy! A couple of questions - any good tips on grooming this type of dog? Or is it just a preference thing? Also at what age should we begin switching over to adult dog food for this breed? Is it a yr old timeframe? Curious why you stopped breeding Newfypoos? Hope their isn't anything wrong with the breed? Thanks"
- A. Davis | April 2016

"I've been meaning to send you a few pics and let you know that Minnie (newfypoo) is doing great! She is adapting very nicely to our family. She was a gift to our 12 yr old daughter who is completely in love with her. She has done well on house training and learns fast. She does have a lot of energy so we are thankful our other house dog likes to wrestle and play with her! We love her sweet, good natured temperament."
- A. Davis | November 2015