"Awww! So fun! Thanks for letting us know. We just got such a kick out of that pic of Rocco knowing we had a similar one of Mily! :) We enjoy Mily so much! She is just the sweetest! She's 68.5 pounds now, and we?re looking forward to celebrating her 1st birthday on the 17th! I've attached a few pics of her with a little bit of longer hair. She had so much fun in her first NY snow storm, and she just loves to snuggle! :) We think she's just the prettiest dog we've ever seen, but of course we're biased! :)) Thanks again!""
- The Paskett's | February 2018

I just had to send this side by side! I’m pretty sure they’re brother and sister! Can you confirm? 😊 they almost look identical! Ours is Mily (Willow) adopted in April. "
- The Paskett's | Feburary 2018

Yes, Miley and Rocco are littermates.

"Good morning, Just wanted to send over Mily's Spay Certificate. Surgery was three weeks ago, and she healed tremendously! A healthy, happy dog! :)"
- The Paskett's | September 2017

"Hi Thought you might like to see how big our Mily is getting! 28 pounds already!! She is the sweetest thing! Playful, snugly, stubborn at times :), but just a plain old good dog! Thank you for the best addition to our family! :) she really does complete it! Thankfully yours,"
- The Paskett's | June 2017