"I hope all is well with you! Milford just had his first birthday. We'll be celebrating again once he is fully recovered from his neuter. I have attached the vet's notes. Everything went well and he can't wait to get back to playing at the dog park!"
- Elaina | April 2019

"Hi! Milford is doing so great. He is a little over 9 months and weighed in at the vet today at 85 lbs! He has slowed down growing but is definitely not done yet. He is our wonderfully large muppet. Our vet stressed the importance of waiting to have him neutered until he is at least one year old due to his large size (our old vet in NYC also highlighted how important this would be for Milford). We have tentatively scheduled his neuter operation in April....I hope this is okay with you! He will also have his little umbilical hernia fixed at this time. Milford is a regular at the dog park and is always the favorite for both dogs and humans. He got a big boy bed for Christmas and got to experience his first snow (which he absolutely LOVED). I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!"
- Elaina | January 2019

"Hi! I just wanted to pass along some new photos of Milford. He got his first hair cut a few weeks ago, which really helped him adjust to the heat. He loves the car and is always so excited to go on a hike or any other type of adventure. He has puppy energy but is also so cuddly and sweet - he's definitely a momma's boy. He is very social and loves meeting new dogs and people. At about 5 and a half months he now weighs 63 lbs. We love him so so so much! Hope all is well with you!"
- Elaina | September 2018

"Hi, I just wanted to send a quick update on Milford (previously Renton). He is an absolute love and is basically a local celebrity in our neighborhood. I can't tell you how many people we have given your contact information to after meeting Milford and hearing about the bernedoodle breed! At our 12 week vet appointment Milford already weighed 28.8 lbs. He's our big boy and is growing into such a handsome dog. We had our first road trip - a 7 hour drive for us, but Milford was perfect! We will send more pictures as time goes on! All the best,"
- Elaina | July 2018

"Hi, We took Milford (previously Renton) to his first vet visit! He did very well and was not nervous at all. He has settled in to our home very quickly and we already cannot imagine our lives without him. He is an incredibly sweet and loving puppy and we can't wait to watch him grow up! Thanks so much for everything! We will keep you updated on him! Best,"
- Elaina | June 2018