"We got Mikee (aka Gage) from you from Jayda and Benjie’s litter. We got him last May 11, 2018, we picked him up in Buffalo, Niagara Falls. We are from Canada. Anyways, Attached is the receipt of the neutering and recent pictures. He is 59 something lbs now for 7 months. We are very careful with his diet. We don’t want him to get overweight. I have not cut his hair, his hair is easy to comb so we will keep it long. Though we cut his hair around his eyes and jaw sometimes. He is such a sweet boy. Thanks and good luck with everything!"
- Farah | November 2018

"Hi, I just want to let you know that mikee (gage from jayda and benjie) is doing great! He makes us laugh. And we realized that he is such a sweet boy, he likes to be next to us and likes to be cuddled. He is now 16 weeks old. He got all his vaccines yesterday and he is 32 lbs. We decided to have him neutered this September because we will be traveling a lot this summer. Enjoy your summer!"
- Farah | July 2018

"Hi, I just want to let you know that the puppy is doing well. Even our first night was perfect. He didn’t cry or bark. He did a little bit when we first put him in the crate but after a minute or two he stopped and slept. We took him to the vet this afternoon. They took a sample of his stool and will let us know of the results. We are named him mikee. He is doing great the only issue is our 1 yr old labradoodle is having a little bit of an issue adjusting that he’s not the center of attention anymore. Hopefully they get along soon. We are so happy to have mikee. I didn’t expect him to be that cute. He’s just so adorable. Thanks and good luck with everything! "
- Farah | May 2018