"Mia (aka Lacey) has been great since the day we picked her up at the airport.. Has never chewed or damaged any shoes or other personal items like most puppies do. She's very well acclimated to playing with other dogs and people.. She actually comes to my office every day where she interacts with my customers in my insurance and financial services agency. We've taken her to Destin several times where she goes crazy when she hits the sand on the beach. She goes directly to the water and attacks the waves as they break. As a couple in our 60's we've gotten more active with having Lacey (Mia) in our life with daily walks, playing chase and wrestling with her on the floor. Mia just started obedience school last night and did every well. She just weighed in at 44.5 lbs (she'll be 7 mos old on 1/18/18.)"
- Lamar | January 2018