"Mia is just as wonderful as she was from the first day we got her. She has many neighborhood playmates - puppies, dogs, children, and adults (including the fed ex driver who stops to visit even when he doesn't have a delivery for us!!)."
- Dulcie | August 2020

"Hi, We decided to name Erin "Mia.". I wasn't sure how soon you needed to know her name. I hope I got it to you in enough time for you to register it with her microchip number. She's settling in quite well. Housebreaking her is difficult, but we are making some progress. She has gained almost two pounds since her vet appointment last Monday! I've attached a couple pictures for you. She is a joy and is loved very much! I will send more photos after we have her spayed. Have a Happy New Year!"
- Dulcie | December 2019