"Hi, Just wanted to send an update on Meesha (Newfypoo) she is 8 months old now. She is so much fun, she is bullheaded, when we try to disapline her she barks back at us, and at other times she just wants to cuddle with us. Our grandson has so much fun with her, she is great with him. Last week we opened our pool for the summer, Paul took her in, don't think she liked it. Gonna try again. She loves ice cream just mention it and she goes nuts."
- Blakeslees | June 2016

"Hi, I just stopped on your web page and saw your posting that you will no longer be breeding newfypoo puppies, any particular reason why? I'm so happy that we got Meesha (newfypoo) before you decided to stop breeding. She is so comical and lovable, a really great dog. Hoping there isn't a problem with the breed to make you discontinue breeding them. . My husband has been hinting that Meesha needs a sister. Hopefully in about a year,"
- Blakeslees | February 2016