"I wanted to send over some updated pictures of nearly 10 month old, 65 pound Marvin. He loved his first winter in Nebraska and became a huge fan of rolling around in the snow. He has the happiest personalities and loves to give hugs! He tends to forget that he is not a lapdog and loves to sprawl out and hog all the covers on the bed."
- Goff | April 2018

"Good morning, I wanted to say that 12 week old Marvin (Lavon) has settled in and is loving his new life in Nebraska. He enjoys his time in public, especially Happy Hours on the patio and all the attention he receives from strangers! He loves playing with big dogs, especially Ferris, a Sheepadoodle from your past litter that lives in the neighborhood. We could not be happier with this little guy and cant wait to continue to watch him grow!"
- Goff | September 2017