"Here are two recent pictures of Marco, he continues to be a great addition to the family. Hope you are well!"
- Tim | February 2019

"Here is a recent picture of Marco on a hike. He’s a great dog and is continuing to do well. Hope you are well."
- Tim | October 2018

"Good morning. Records/notes attached from Marco’s vet visit. Tiffany most likely has more and better pictures, but here are a few from his first week. Hanging out with his new brother, Watson. Enjoying a snake skin he found in the yard. Checking out the new mum. Please let me know if you need anything else right now. Thank you!"
- Tim | September 2018

"Hi – I wanted to check in on a few things. I know you had mentioned needing the name for the microchip registration. If I am not too late, we did settle on Marco after a few days. He is doing great and has been a wonderful addition to the family and our other dog is getting along with him very well. My twin brother (his vet) did examine him Tues evening and said everything was good. He was leaving early the next day for Houston for a funeral and will not be back at his clinic until after the holiday. If there is anything you need as far as paperwork from the exam (I need to look at the folder when I get home, I cannot remember) I can get it to you early next week. Please let me know if there is anything else you need from me at this time. Thank you,"
- Tim | September 2018