"I must say again how much we love our Maizey. She just turned 2 and is still only 48 pounds-- we think she's the perfect size! We have a larger 80 pound doodle so we were pleasantly surprised by her weight. I included recent photos of her. Thank you again!"
- Kayla & Mike | February 2020

"I wanted to attach recent photos of Maizey. She will be two next week. She was born 12/18. We love her to pieces! She was a standard sheepadoodle but weighs only 47 pounds. We think she's the perfect size!"
- Kayla & Mike | December 2019

"Hello, Just wanted to send in another update on Maizey since we have crossed the year mark. Maizey is now 16 months. We think she won't do much more growing, she seems to be on the smaller side at just 48 pounds. The vet said she is healthy, happy girl and of course we think she is just perfect! She loves going to daycare, playing fetch for hours on end and annoying her older brother Lincoln, lol! Thank you again for bringing Maizey into our lives. We hope all is well! I attached some recent photos. Best,"
- Kayla & Mike | April 2019

"Hi! Just wanted to send you a quick little update on our pup we purchased from you, Maizey (aka Lara) ! Maizey is a little over 7 months now. She has been a great addition to our family. She gets along great with our 6 year old golden doodle and never seems to meet a stranger anywhere we go. Maizey was quick to catch onto potty training and basic commands. She is so full of personality and always keeps us on our toes. We are thankful for Angel breeze for giving us such a spunky and loving pup! I have attached a few pictures of Maizey and her spay paperwork, per our contract. Thank you again for a great experience and most of all- for Maizey! Warm regards,"
- Kayla & Mike | August 2018