"We just wanted to let you know that Maddon at 3 years as of Dec 2019 is 96lbs. Just an FYI as you continue with his line. We absolutely love him! Thanks!"
- Elizabeth | February 2020

"We wanted to send along some pictures of Maddon- (formerly Gabe -F1b litter DOB 12/14/16. He has been so much fun. Great personality, easy to train and get's along with all the other dogs in the neighborhood. He loves spending time with our entire family. Thanks for giving us such a great a dog! Love seeing all of his litter mates too! He is a big guy! He was just weighed this week at 47.6lbs. They think he will get to about 85lbs. I think he was the smallest if not the second to smallest in his litter. We love him! He does have a strong herding instinct with his mouth but learning how to channel it with lot's of interaction with his toys. Thanks again for such a good boy!"
- Beth, Dave, Erica, Jamie, Honor and Echo | May 2017