Mackenzie & Lulu

"Happy Spring to you! Mackenzie and Lulu are doing great. They are inseparable and Mackenzie sleeps next to her crate at night. They roughhouse and play all day long. LuLu has been to the Vets for check ups and shots and they love her. She is learning to potty outside and enjoys sleeping in the porch and her frequent ice cube parties. We love the two of them. Thank you!"
- Margo | March 2022

"Just wanted to share some EXCITING news with you! Our Mackenzie was used on the Mackenzie Childs site. They have used her photos and we are just over the moon with excitement! This is the brand that we have throughout our home and love. ❤️Hope you are proud as we are of our seven month old. We absolutely love her! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!"
- Margo | December 2021

"Mackenzie (Aspen) almost four months enjoying life. Our Vet loves Mackenzie and says what a great dog she is. It is with a huge heart and not sleeping a wink last night, that my husband and I have come to the decision to not go through with the purchase of another new puppy. My parents always taught me to be satisfied and not think that more is always better. We were getting the puppy for Mackenzie to have a life- long sibling, but at our age as well as having other dogs to care for made us really reconsider the commitment we were making. We want to continue to be the very best parents we can be for them and take our dogs lives very seriously. You are an awesome breeder of fabulous Doodles and we will be forever grateful. Hope you understand Erma and will continue to find joy in the emails and photos of our Mackenzie."
- Margo | September 2021

"Just wanted to give you an update on Mackenzie ( aka Aspen ) as we have officially named her. She is doing VERY well. She is crate trained, pad trained for potty accidents and is working on moving the bells to go out. We clap for her when she accomplishes her mission and she heads right to the sink area for a reward. She is SO full of herself and we couldn't be more proud! Mackenzie has almost doubled in size and will get her shot and check up tomorrow. I am looking forward to this so we can begin leash training and runs in our acre back yard. She loves her siblings and it is our seven year old Aussie doodle who is her BFF. Our mini Schnauzer Fergie loves her as well but the puppy just jumps right over her. Mackenzie also gets along great with my daughters French Bulldog. We couldn't be happier that they all get along so well. "
- Margo | July 2021

"Our puppy did very well on the drive back to Raleigh. We stopped frequently for potty breaks and she was great even during the off and on downpours which could have been frightening. Her tummy was fine as well and she even waited until we got home to have her first poo poo. After discovering her new surroundings and playing with her siblings she had a peaceful rest. Today, she was ready to eat at 6 and went right out to potty. She took a brief nap but now has been playing since. THANK YOU for such a beautiful and amazing pup! We love her! It was wonderful to finally meet you and your husband yesterday and see your truly awesome paradise. We stopped at the cheese factory which was fun and took many photos along our journey which made it more memorable until the next time. "
- Margo | July 2021