"I hope this email finds you well! I just wanted to update you on Mabel (formerly Velvet) Schneider. I have never met a dog with more personality than Miss Mabel. She has so much energy and life and makes us laugh every day. We just love her to pieces! She was just spayed on Tuesday and so far is doing very well. Hopefully just a couple more days left with the e-collar!! She is not a fan... I have attached the receipt as proof of her spaying for your records. There will be no little Mabels running around Dublin! I have also attached new pictures of Mabel. She just adores her big sister, Bella, and loves to chase her brother, Winston :) Please let me know if you need any further information regarding her spaying. she is about 48 lbs as of her spaying on Tuesday! Is that in-line with other puppies from her litter (born 4/12)? I'm guessing she will be about 80 lbs... I remembered you saying you were interested to see how her hair turned out... She has the craziest hair I have ever seen haha. The hair on her body is super thick and soft and almost water repellant while the tan hair on feet is very coarse. She also has these hilarious little hairs that curl around the crown of her head. She is cute as a button :) "
- Amy | October 2017

"Hi, Just wanted to give you a quick update! Velvet (now Mabel) is doing very well! We went to the vet on Saturday and she has a good bill of health! No worms-yea! Mabel is loving life in Dublin in her new home with her big sister, Bella and big brother, Winston. She was very quiet the first couple of days but has since come out of her shell and is the life of the party! We love her so much! "
- Amy | June 2017