"We named her Luna, (Aka Taylor) (school is the Comets, so we wanted to stick with the space theme). Upping her food seems to have helped with her loose stool."
- Jesse | September 2019

"Hello, This is Jesse Bakey at Bellevue High School. I have been working with K9 Comfort and Taylor. The last two weeks Taylor has been dealing with very soft stool, at times almost diarrhea. We cut out treats and have been keeping in touch with the vet. Stool samples and all tests have come back completely normal. She is still on Royal Cannine Puppy mix food. The vet gave us some medicine to help with the diarrhea. Carrie at K9 Comfort told me to reach out you to see if you had any thoughts. Otherwise Taylor is doing wonderful and continues to be her fun self. Thanks for your time,"
- Jesse | August 2019