"Good morning, Just wanted to let you know that Lulu had her ovariohysterectomy and gastropexy surgery on 6/7/19 at Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center. The surgery went well and she's recovering for the next two weeks. (Not easy for an active, curious puppy to be quiet and still!) Hope you are all fine, "
- Clare | June 2019

"Hello all -
Just wanted to let you know that Lulu (aka Sage) is flourishing. She turned five months on Friday and is 42 pounds. Her puppy vaccinations are officially complete. She loves to play in the yard and visit with other pups. She's a good walker and likes to be with her family—especially on our feet! She's so cute!

We are getting ready to have Lulu spayed and had a couple of questions:
1) How big (in lbs) are both of her parents (Kova and Sawyer, perhaps?)? We are curious how big she might be.
2) Have any of your dogs had issues with gastric dilatation volvulus? A question about doing a procedure called gastropexy has come up at the vet. We were wondering if any of your dogs had that procedure to prevent GDV.

Thanks so much,"
- Clare | April 2019

"Hello, Just a note to let you know that Lulu (aka Sage) is doing so well. She's adjusting to her new home and people. She's ringing the bell to go outside to potty and she loves playing with toys and napping. Yesterday, she visited the vet who gave her a clean bill of health, as well as a clear, worm-free stool sample analysis. Attached is a picture of the vet bill. I can scan it if that's better for you. Also attached is a picture of Lulu living the good life. Thanks—we will keep you posted."
- Clare | January 2019