"Hello! Here are some new pictures of Lucy, since she just turned 2 last week. She's about 75 lbs (last we checked — she might actually be closer to 80 these days), but she's healthy and happy."
- Taylor | April 2019

"Hi, I hope all is well! This is Taylor Fulton. My mom and I adopted Lucy (Emmy) from you last June. We can't believe it's already been almost a full year with her! She's wonderful. I was just writing and actually wondering about some of your older female dogs that might be retiring from breeding. Someday, we would love to adopt an older dog and we wanted to know if you ever re-home some of them (particularly your female sheepdogs - we have fallen in love with the breed and know that one of them is Lucy's mom!). Please let us know if you ever sell the older dogs; we'd be interested in learning more and helping them live a good life after they retire. Let us know! We know you take great care of all of your dogs, but if you do sell them after retirement, we would be very interested in whatever that process entails. Thank you!

PS: Lucy is getting groomed next week - we'll send pictures when she's looking a little less shaggy! She's about 70 lbs now (but she thinks she's a lap dog!!)."
- Taylor | May 2018

"Hi, I hope everything is well! We wanted to send some updated photos of Lucy. We were going to send some sooner, but the holidays were very hectic for us! Lucy is a very gentle, lazy girl most of the time, but every once in a while she has some crazy moments. This is her in snow for the first time (which was followed by a big nap). Currently, we are working on her walking nicely on a leash, and teaching her not to jump on people when she is excited, but otherwise she's a very well-behaved puppy with a lot of love to give. Thanks again for such an awesome dog. I saw that Lucy's parents, Elsa and Sawyer, are having puppies again - if they grow up to be anything like Lucy, I know those pups will make plenty of people very happy! Best, "
- Taylor | January 2018

" Hi, Below is a photo with Lucy's proof of spaying on 9/1. We also have a few more pictures of her to share from right before her surgery. She is very shaggy right now, but once her healing period from her spaying ends, she's going right to the groomer for a bath and haircut! Lucy is in her "teenager" phase and is getting a little rebellious, but it's nothing that patience, training, and treats can't fix. I can't believe she's already 5 months old! We absolutely love her! Thanks! "
- Taylor | September 2017

" Hi, I hope all is well. I wanted to send some updated pictures of Lucy - she is almost 4 months old and 30.5 lbs! The vet said she is on track growth-wise and is a very healthy puppy. She is also the class clown of her puppy training class, and has a lot of friends! We love how much of a goofball she is.
I also wanted to ask how regularly you recommend sheepadoodles be groomed. We have never owned a breed like this before, so were wondering how much you recommend we have her hair cut (in addition to regular brushing). She has had one grooming appointment before, but we want to know how regularly this should be done. Any insight you have would be helpful! Thank you again so much!"
- Taylor | August 2017

" Hi I wanted to send more photos of Lucy, (aka Emmy) In her short time with us we have taken lots of fun photos and wanted to share our favorites. We are also going to take pictures with her age and size to track how she grows. Best,"
- Taylor | June 2017

"Hello, Thank you so much for your kindness on Saturday - it was wonderful to finally meet you and see the care you put into the puppies at Angel Breeze! Below is a photo of proof that Lucy (aka Emmy) has had her vet visit. She passed her physical with flying colors, and the vet techs and veterinarian LOVED her! If the photo of the receipt doesn't work, let me know and I can have the vet email me a receipt to send electronically. My mom and I also want to thank you for raising Lucy with such love and care! Everyone that Lucy meets comments on how calm and happy she is. Even when she has her tantrums and bratty moments, she is much calmer than we expected her to be. It has only been 4 days, but she impresses everyone with her temperament and charm! Thanks again! We will send more pictures soon, as Lucy gets bigger. Best,"
- Taylor | June 2017