"Grace is a senior in high school and unfortunately her prom and graduation was cancelled so Louie became her date."

- Jodi | May 2020

"Louie's birthday."

- Jodi | September 2019

"Just want to update you on Louie. She's doing really well and behaving much better (but she steals everything and runs..a game she likes to pay but I'm working on stopping it). Here's a little video for you! She's 11 months old."

- Jodi | September 2019

"Bumped into her half brother Oslo today!"

- Jodi | April 2019

"Hi! Just checking in to say hi and show you some pictures of Louie ( aka Maude) there's a "bad hair day" picture and a "first haircut" picture-which was today! My daughter's hoping she'll get huge but so far she's about 34 pounds and just turned 5 months. Do you know how big her siblings are?"
- Jodi | February 2019

"Her biting/ nipping is getting better (slowly) she's starting to lose her baby teeth which might help. She goes to the bathroom about 70% of the time but still has accidents (mostly just pee) because they say not to scold them when they have accidents but how will she learn? It's a bit confusing. We have met two of her half brothers: Oslo and Finn."
- Jodi | January 2019

"My youngest daughter seemed unmoved. NOT. It's what being surprised with a puppy is all about. My oldest arrived a day later fresh from a flight from Paris and fell in love on the spot."
- Ross | November 2018

"Hi - we love our new pup and she is settling into her new life here in Manhattan. Dozens of people have dropped by to meet her and everyone in the building already knows her name. The girls named her Louie after one of their favorite books when they were kids - Chewy Louie. Here she is at the vets this morning. I will keep you posted. Thanks so very very much for everything."
- Ross | November 2018