"Just wanted to let you know that Lola went to her first vet visit today. All is good and they loved here there! We don't have stool sample results back for a few days, but they said no news is good news. She will go back in a few weeks for booster shots. We need to increase her food because her weight was still 9 pounds so they thought she was a little skinny (although she feels pretty chunky to us)! All else is great so far and she is settling in nice. She is sleeping in her crate and we had a great first session with the trainer yesterday. She has found her bark and is loving the outdoors. We can't get enough of her! The teething has started but we are learning to redirect her and giving her lots of chew toys. Anyway, we will continue to keep you up to date! Thanks again! See some pics from the weekend below."
- The Harris Family | June 2022