"Good Evening! Hope all is well! We just wanted to share some recent photos of Lloyd (aka Emmett). The first few pictures are photos we had done by our best friend whose a photographer! Lloyd is doing amazing, he is currently 16 mo old and 67lb! He is the most lovable dog you will ever meet and LOVES to play! We could not imagine our life without him! "
- Ashley & Joe | February 2021

"Hi! Hope all is well! Lloyd (Emmett) is 6 months old and doing so well! He stole our hearts immediately and has brought so much love & happiness into our lives! Lloyd is such a social butterfly, he loves making new friends with dogs and people! We always get compliments from people on our walks about how beautiful he is! I wanted to share another photo because he is so darn cute! He has play dates with our neighbors dogs a couple times a week. Lloyd is potty trained and knows exactly when it's time to eat. He plays with every single one of his toys and looks forward to his daily walks with mom and dad! We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family, thank you so much! "
- Ashley & Joe | April 2020