"Lily (aka Antonia) is such an awesome dog!! we love her so much! Her coloring is beautiful! I get so many compliments! But her personality is amazing!! she's so smart and good! I only crated her until she was potty trained and she has full range of the house and never destroys anything. she always goes outside to do her business and never goes passed her boundaries with the underground fence - but I do have a lot of toys and chews for her. I also was very firm with her. she loves hugs and kisses. and her fur is so soft and no shedding - I'm so happy with her - she does have allergies however. not sure if either parent has them. I think it's the purple brightening shampoo that I was using - i'm going to switch to oatmeal shampoo - happy new year!"
- Tina | January 2020

"My baby will be 6 months old tomorrow! I just have to tell you that she is the cutest and smartest dog ever! She's such a character and she listens very well - I recommend you to everyone that asks me! here's a few pics"
- Tina | October 2019

"She is so adorable!! We are all so in love! My husband loves her too! I knew he would. She likes him too! She loves her crate and she's sleeping in her crate next to me. Thanks for your help "
- Tina | June 2019