"Hope you are well! We are absolutely in love with our wonderful girl Liberty! I have heard a few different things regarding getting her spayed. I see in our contact that you require her to be spayed by 10 months. I got our last sheepadoodle done around 6 months. Our vet is suggesting waiting until her first heat. I would like to get her fixed before then. Would you have a rough estimate of when we should expect her first heat based on prior dogs from Ana & Sawyer? I know it would be just a guess but appreciate any thoughts! Best regards and thank you for helping us bring such a lovely addition to our family! "
- Kristen | September 2021

"We so enjoyed meeting you last week when we picked up our sweet girl! She made the long trip home to California perfectly (even with a canceled flight in Chicago). Our whole family is absolutely in love! Her visit to our vet went great and she's already 12.3 pounds. Just wanted to thank you for bringing a lot of happiness into our home after a couple of tough months with our dog who passed. "
- Kristen | July 2021