"Hi, Someone reached out to me through Facebook messenger to get a reference on you. I think her first name was Lindsay. She said she was giving you a deposit. I cannot find her name in my Facebook. I wanted to tell her how wonderful you and your puppies are. Do you happen to know what her last name is so I can look her up on Facebook? Hope all is well. Lexi is 2 today. She is such a loveable goofball!"
- Laurie | April 2019

"Lexi is quite the character. She doesn't use her nose like she did at the beginning. Now she uses her paw and doesn't let go until you let her out."
- Laurie | May 2018

"Hi, Hope you are doing well. Attached you will find the certificate for Lexi's spay which was done last week. Also attaching a picture of my beautiful baby. 63 lbs of pure love. Truly one of the best dogs I have ever had. Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives."
- Laurie | March 2018

"Hi, hope you are doing well. I wanted to send you some updates pictures of Lexi, aka Jasmine.
We are completely in love with her. Such a smart girl! Happy holidays!! Sincerely,"
- Laurie and Jerry | December 2017

"Here are some updated pictures of Lexi (formerly known as Jasmine born April 5, 2017) after her first grooming. We love this girl more and more everyday. At 19 weeks old she is currently 35 lbs and thinks she is in charge of the 80 lb. goldendoodle and 86 lb. German Shepherd. By the way, can you tell me what she weighed at birth? Thanks"
- Laurie and Jerry | August 2017

"Hi I just wanted to give you some pictures for website. Lexi (aka Jasmine) is so beautiful. So smart (sometimes for her own good). She knows how to unscrew the lid to her food container! We love her so much!"
- Laurie and Jerry | June 2017

"Hi I just wanted to tell you how much we love our new little fur baby. Lexi (aka. Jasmine) arrived on Thursday. After having to take 2 flights to get to us, she arrived with her crate still clean. I was amazed. She is even more beautiful in person. The whole family is completely obsessed with her. 11.4 lbs of perfection! Vet said she is absolutely perfect. She is doing well with her potty training. She goes to the bathroom every time we bring her outside. Still wetting the crate but we are working on it. She tries to play with her big sister (84 lb german shepherd) and big brother (79 lb goldendoodle) but I keep telling her she is still too little! Thank you again for this beautiful addition to our family."
- Laurie and Jerry | June 2017