"Just wanted to give you an update!! Leo is doing great!! He is so easy to train!! He is wonderful around the girls and baby boy! He loves to play outside and is very adventurous. Thank you so much! I never thought a dog could fit into our crazy lives like he does!! We will be getting him neutered soon!!"
- Crystal | July 2019

"Hi there!! We took Leo to the Vet yesterday! (We kept his name) He is doing great!! The only issue is he is still a little hyper around the girls ages 7 and 4. Not sure what all I can do to calm him around them. If you have any suggestions that would be great!! Other than that he is fitting right in. Watched are the documents needed at the Vet. He is definitely in the biting, bratty stage. He barks back at me when I am trying to discipline. I am reading books on how to train. That way we don't have another encounter. He is a little bit calmer than our last dog. He just had hyper moments which is expected. Our daughter that got bit (by our last dog a Golden Retriever) is still having trouble adjusting to his playful biting. Over all he is a good fit. Can't wait to see the journey unfold. Thanks so much!! We will keep in touch."
- Crystal | March 2019