"Hi, Laina has been doing well. She did throw up on the car ride home, but I was able to "catch" all of it in the towel. Thank you for the paper towels. She met our sons on Saturday night. They were so sweet with her and she took to them right away, climbing on them and licking them. She has slept through the night every night with no whining or messes. She is very playful, but she's very nippy. We've been working to correct and redirect her. She seems to be getting better /more gentle with the kids at least. She had her vet appointment today and that went well. We changed her name to Lena, so not too different. Lena My to be exact since puppies apparently must have middle names according to my son. "my" is after a book character named Little My that he likes. "
- Amanda | December 2019