"Larry had his TV debut last night. I'm very proud of him."
- Nancy | March 2018

"I want to let you know Larry is now fully certified to do bed visits at Lurie Children's Hospital. He worked for the first time last week and he was a pro!!!"
- Nancy | October 2017

"This week was Larry's first time working as a therapy dog at Lurie Children's Hospital. He is such an awesome dog. Hopefully my husband won't have to choose between the two of us because I'm afraid he might choose Larry over me!"
-Bernstein | July 2017

" Thought I would share a recent photo of Larry.( F1 bernedoodle) He will be 9 months old on Sunday. He begins his pet therapy training February 6. He is an AWESOME dog!!!"
-Bernstein | January 2017

"Hi, I just want to let you know how amazing Larry (bernedoodle)is. A little slow to learn potty training, but otherwise, a genius! We are loving every day with him. He is a delight. Very mellow and charming. Thank you so much for raising such a fantastic puppy!!!"
-Bernstein | August 2016