"Kobi is getting big! He got his first puppy haircut over the weekend. Just wanted to send an update on Kobi."
- Leanne | September 2020

"Kobi has his booster shots today and is 12 weeks old and 22 lbs! He is doing great! Already house trained and knows sit, come, stay, leave it, shake and rollover! Just wanted to give you an update. We love him. I've attached a picture of him today waiting at for the vet to come get him for his appointment. ."
- Leanne | August 2020

"I am attaching a copy of proof of Kobi/Lincoln's vet checkup for the 2 year health warranty. The vet said he looked very healthy and happy. He is doing great! He goes back on July 24th for his next round of shots. He weighed 10 lbs. Thanks a lot! I was wondering what kind of puppy shampoo you use? Kobi smells wonderful and the scent hasn't really faded yet. He is doing great! I've attached a pic just for fun."
- Leanne | July 2020