"Just an update on Katie (aka Jackie). She's 20 months old now and maintaining a healthy weight of 66 lbs. in the 40 years we've been married we've always had two dogs at a time and Katie's is by far the most loving and intelligent dog we've ever had. Included are some new photos."
- Dean | March 2020

"Hi, Just an update on Katie. She's now 7 months old and these are pictures from her first grooming. Angie at K9 Kutts here (who has groomed our dogs for decades) said that Katie received 5 stars for excellent performance. She couldn't believe how well she behaved for her young age. She will start obedience training this month. Our trainer is the son of our veterinarian at Edgefield Animal Care Center. She is perfectly healthy and now weighs just shy of 60 lbs. Once again, thank you for such a wonderful pup."
- Dean | February 2019

"Hi! This is Dean Huffman. We purchased Katie (formerly Jackie) from you back in late August. Well, she’s almost 6 months old now and she is so precious to us. We had Katie spayed today and we wanted to let you know that the portion of our contract requiring her being spayed has been fulfilled. Please find attached a copy of the invoice from our vet. Thank you, again, for such a wonderful little girl. We love her so much."
- Dean | December 2018

"Did you know that Katie is really Batman?"
- Dean | September 2018

"Hi! Thank you so much for such a beautiful puppy. Her new sister likes her. We have re-named her Katharine Hepburn “Katie” Huffman. She visited our vet today and received a great bill of health. She’s A-okay. Please find included in this email proof of her vet visit and exam. Dr. recommends spaying at 5 months and we will follow up with you. Once again, we are so happy to have been blessed with Katie. Thank you!"
- Dean | August 2018