"Here are new photos of Karma from Sadie and Cooper's May 2020 litter. She is almost grown, 8 months old, and just gorgeous! Not sure what she weighs but guessing about 70+ pounds now. Healthy, happy, loving and fun dog. Pretty much has her "grown up" coat. Star in the neighborhood walks, people stop to comment on what a beauty she is! Thank you again for bringing her into our lives!"
- The Johnsons | February 2021

"Hello, Karma (formerly Lindsay from Sadie and Cooper's litter born 5/16/20) was spayed on October 8th. The receipt for the procedure is attached. We have also attached a few photos so you can see how Karma is growing! She weighed 8 lbs at our first vet visit at 8 weeks old, and within the next 10 weeks grew to 43 lbs! We think she is going to be a big girl! She is a very healthy and happy little puppy, loves every person and dog she meets. She loves to play with our old guy (13 yo boxer/lab mix) and drives him crazy sometimes. But he has gotten used to her and they seem like best buddies now. She also, so far, does not shed even when I brush her. She has had a couple of puppy grooms, but not a full cut yet. We can see the sable color under her puppy fur and think she is going to be gorgeous when she clears. It looks like a beautiful darker tan, and we expect she will retain some darker black accents.. Her personality is goofy, playful and just a little bit stubborn. She is quiet and rarely barks, something our neighbors have noticed and appreciate! She is also VERY smart. She was housebroken within just a few weeks after we got her. She learns commands very fast, but is still working on consistently obeying. She loves to play and explore outside, pick up sticks, chase bugs, and go on walks in the neighborhood. She does like to pull on the leash, but we are working on that and she is improving. (I think that tendency comes from her Bernese genes, since they were bred to pull carts!) Thank you for breeding such a good dog, she is perfect and we couldn't love her more!"
- The Johnsons | October 2020

"Attached is a copy of the Veterinarian exam/treatment receipt from our visit today, 7.12.20. Karma aka Lindsay is a beautiful puppy and seems to be adapting quite well (quick learner). Smart dog and a typical puppy. pictures with our other dog as well (a 13yo boxer/lab mix with the patience of Job)."
- The Johnsons | July 2020