Jensen and Huntley

"Hi, I'm not sure if you remember us. We got two doodles from you back a few years ago. Jensen (standing) and Huntley (laying down). Why did you stop breeding the goldendoodles? They are the best doggies ever. I wanted to share that our boys are doing wonderful and are the best dogs ever. How cute is this? Enjoy. Hope this finds you well."
- Emilie | October 2017

"Thought you'd enjoy this picture of Jensen and Huntley (he's getting so big!!) posing with a carved wooden bear that looks slightly like they're related..Jensen got his first "real" haircut a couple weeks ago for the summer months, so he's not quite as Super-Fluffy as when you saw him last, but it's growing back nicely and we didn't have to have him shaved, which was a huge WIN!"
- Kevin & Emilie | June 2015

"Jensen & his new brother Huntley. They're great friends already!"
- Kevin & Emilie | March 2015

" I thought you might enjoy some more updated pictures of Jensen! He is such a great dog. We love him so much."
- Kevin & Emilie | January 2015

"We're absolutely loving Jensen... he's fantastic. Today I took him on a 5K run which was sponsored by a local group of animal rescues, and he's been very active going to the park, going out to dinner with us, or visiting Emilie at her horse shows. I've attached a few pictures to give you a snapshot of his happy life :)"
- Kevin & Emilie | October 2014