"Just wanted to attach confirmation of Jax's (Lennon) neutering! He is still doing amazing and loves playing in our new fenced in yard, hanging with his other doodle friends and road tripping around the US with us - I think he's hit about 13 states now with us :) "
- Kiera | September 2021

"Some recent pics after his first hair cut and some ones right before his haircut hehe :) he is the absolute best and already nearly 70lbs!!! Everyone always comments how happy he looks and how sweet he is!!! So easy to train and super intelligent. Absolutely no issues what so ever! Loves going hiking with us and cuddles. Couldn't have asked for a better pup thank you"
- Kiera | April 2021

"Hi!!!! I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the wonderful experience of selecting our puppy and picking up Jax (aka Lennon) . He is honestly perfect and has settled right in. He was amazing in his crate and settled down right away and had a wonderful first night. He had his vet check today and stole everyone's hearts and is in excellent health according to our vet. The vet also agreed he's going to be a big boy and that he's very well behaved and has wonderful mannerisms. He has loves playing in the snow (and eating it) and loves cuddles and his toy monkey. He is very smart and learning very quickly. "
- Kiera | December 2020