"Hi again here he is freshly shorn - we had missed a regular grooming appointment and his hair got terribly matted so we had them just take it all off. It's pretty ridiculous looking but in time he'll be back to shaggy-sheepdog! He weighed 65 lbs in Late Feb. Same as his earlier weight so it seems that's what he'll be. "
- Toby | May 2020

"Our Jax is about to turn one year old next week. He is so big and floppy. He's doing great here in Miami our home since July! Everyone asks if he's a Bernadoodle...people who know these breeds can't believe he is a sheepadoodle.... Q: what's your main differential feature between the two breeds, like when someone asks you what sets them apart? Anyway, we love him to pieces. Hope all is well."
- Toby | December 2019

"Hi! We made it back to Mass and are really enjoying little Jax! (Aka Elliot) He's getting the hang of life here and we're doing our best to get him in a good routine. We did take him to a vet outside of Cleveland and he passed ;) He's going to our local vet tomorrow so we can get on a plan for when he's gotta get fixed + shots updated + flea/tick/heart meds etc etc. What a wonderful puppy! He really does have an amazing disposition. @jaxwaltercash on Instagram - check him out there anytime!"
- Tobias | March 2019