"I would swear she is reading the subtitles! Hahahahaha!! I told you goofy personality!"
- Jason | July 2017

"Izzy is almost 3 months old! 6/25/17 is her Birthday, she is going to be a BIG girl! I'm so in love with this rotten beauty. Look at that face?????! This photo does no justice to how beautiful the color of her coat is!! EVERYONE that lives back here wants her!! I weighed her today, and she is 22.4lbs, she's my little piggy! She LOVES the wet Royal Canin puppy food, so I mix it in with each dry feeding, it says to feed them 3 cans a day I believe, not happening, hahaha. She just gets 1 can mixed in with her dry food. Professional training starts July 15th. She was potty trained in 2weeks,already knows, sit, stay, lay down, and shake.. I did the basics, time for professional help. Thank you again for this blessing!!"
- Jason | June 2017

"Well one week with me and she already is going to the door, and using the potty bells!! She is incredibly smart, even though we have passed the lovey stage, and moved on to the bratty, tantrum, terrible two stage, haha. She has the goofiest personality which just makes everyone laugh. We walk down the street and cars pull over in the neighborhood to ask "What kind of puppy is that? She is so gorgeous!" Then she is lovable, she doesn't know a stranger, loves everyone, and everything she meets! Izzy is amazing!"
- Jason | May 2017

"Here is a pic from our first 5 days. She loves her paci, it's a Kong, trying to get her to chew on it, rather than biting me all the time, puppy teething is the worst stage, lol. You have NO IDEA, how much you have helped improve my life!! She is going to be so incredible when she gets to the advanced training stage!! She is sooooo smart already! She is also incredibly ornery!! I told my mom I don't know if she thinks her name is Izzy, or no! She has this goofy personality that is emerging, and it's adorable!! She has already learned sit, and knows that if she goes potty outside she gets a healthy treat at the door inside, trust me if she doesn't get it the SECOND we get in, she is not shy about letting me know!! God Bless You for your kindness and your generosity!!"
- Jason | May 2017