"Hi! Isla continues to be a great dog! We are making her spay appointment for the end of the month. She was at a kennel while we were in vacation in December and the trainer raves about how well trained and smart she is! We ❤ her!"
- Stacy | January 2019

"Here are some photos of Isla from this week. She’s doing well. Honestly the only thing we really still need to train on is her biting and nipping. Most of the time she’s fine every now and then she’ll just jump up and take a nip. Any tips? Isla is so smart. She is completely crate trained and has had no accidents ever! We are about to take the divider out. She walks so well on her leash. She sits, lies down and waits on command. She has learned fetch and happily brings her toys and tennis balls to us. She’s very sweet and cuddly. We love her so much! She has her own Instagram account too so you can follow along as she grows up! She’s @hey.yall.its.isla"
- Stacy | September 2018

"Here is Isla (Noel) at 9 weeks. She’s spunky and sweet. She’s doing great. No accidents in her crate 😊 Love her!"
- Stacy | August 2018