"I purchased Bella (aka Leana),from you last August. She’s awesome and so beautiful. The the problem I am having is that her fur matting. She lives to swim & I try to get her dry after. I brush her 2x a day. Do you have suggestions? Also do you shave your dogs for the summer. Some sights that I read said that this is not the best thing for them. Thanks so much"
- Gwen Stiver | May 2018

"I wanted to send a testimonial for our puppy that we purchased from you on August 7th. We chose LeAna, which we have renamed "Isabella" or Bella. I read through all of your testimonials looked through the pictures many times which helped me to chose you for the breeders that we would purchase from. Our Bella is BEAUTIFUL. People literally stop me when I take her for a walk and ask about her since there are no other sheepadoodles in our town. Our vet even commented on how great of a dog she is. I have had other dogs before but Bella is by far the sweetest. From the first night she was very easy to crate train due to how Erma separates the puppies from the mothers. She has never minded her crate and still is in it for 5 hours a day. She is very smart with being able to sit, lay down and stay by 4 months. She is 4 1/2 months old now and weighs 42 pounds, when we got her she was 12lbs. I don't realize that she has gotten so big with her sweet, calm nature. She DOES NOT SHED! It still amazes me. I like to give her a bath once a week because we play outside a lot and she gets dirty with my boys. I recommend a good dog dryer with at least 4.0 horsepower. She loves swimming in our pool and in the bathtub! I brush her in the morning and at night and I get a little "lint" or "fuzz". I would not call it hair. My friends are amazed with how soft she is and that she does not shed at all. She doesn't "bite", but she likes to grab hands and legs with her mouth to get your attention or take you somewhere and puppy teeth hurt. We are slowly breaking her of this as she loses those sharp teeth. A frozen towel to chew on helps. She still has only been fed the royal canine and nuvet vitamins. She has had no digestive problems and free feeds only when she is hungry and her coat is beautiful! He parents were the f1 litter from Theo & Jaycee's. I cannot speak enough about how wonderful of a pet she is!"
- Gwen Stiver | November 2017