"I was hoping you could post this on your website. We got hunter (previously Tyrese) in July 2016 he was born May 2016. I think his litter mates were Tyrone, Tyra, and other "T" names as is customary I believe. Hunter is an amazing guy and has so many great qualities. He's healthy and happy and we couldn't be happier. He's a big guy 120lbs. I would love to hear from his litter mates families. If you have his brother or sister please feel free to reach out to me. "
- Chris and Kristina Martinez | April 2020

"We got Tyreece (now Hunter) July 2016. Do any of his litter mates send pictures or make contact? He is such a great dog I am curious if his brothers and sister are the same. He is over 100#'s now. And is awesome. We have a labradoodle who is his buddy. Thanks again,"
- Chris and Kristina Martinez | November 2017