" Hope everything is going well. Here is neutering reciept and a few photos of Hudson. (formally Cameron) My personal favorite is him wearing the collar after being neutered. That smirk pretty much says it all.
- Simurda's | December 2017

" A good friend of ours met Hudson and is interested in talking to you. Her name is Becky and she will likely call this week. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Hope your summer went well! Hudson is doing great, completed his obedience training a few weeks ago and passed first test."
- Simurda's | September 2017

"Hi, Hudson at 12 weeks. (Also known as Camron) He's about 21 pounds now, loving his puppy play dates with all of the St Bernards in the neighborhood. He's in training now, doing very well and picking up all commands (his obsession with treats helps). Can you please share my email info with the couples in meet, in our Akron pickup? I think it was Collin and I can't remember the other pup that was with you. I'd love to share our experience raising him, get some tips from them, learn about how they're training their Sheepadoodles."
- Simurda's | May 2017

"Hudson (aka Camron) making himself at home already. He can sit, shake, lay down, and is learning to roll over. He roams the yard without a leash which is great! Tons of puppy biting, but that's to be expected. A friend of mine is also looking for Sheepadoodle, not sure if you are expecting any litters this summer. Let me know."
- Simurda's | May 2017