Henry F1b

"Here is Henry's (Dustin) neutered paperwork. The vet techs said he did great at the clinic. He stayed overnight and they said he wasn't anxious or nervous at all to be there. They said they just wanted to sit and stay with him because he has such a great personality. He finished his intermediate dog training class. He is 73 lbs. Here is a picture of him after playing in the rain. "
- Kelsey | August 2018

"Here are some updated pictures of Henry (Dustin). He is currently 25 weeks old. We absolutely love him! He is taking obedience classes and our instructor said he has one of the best temperaments of any doodle he has trained before. Henry is learning how to swim, he hasn't quite figured it out yet. He does however LOVE to play in his pool on the hot days! He is 60 lbs and growing every day. He hasn't really shown any marking behaviors yet. We were wondering if we would be able to wait till he was 12 months old to get him neutered? Thank you for Henry!"
- Kelsey, Russ, Cooper and Henry | June 2018

"Here is Henry (aka Dustin) and Cooper together. They are doing really well at getting adjusted. Henry was 14.8 lbs when we took him to vet. She thinks he will be really big :) I have attached Henry's vet information. I wasn't sure if you wanted/needed it. He looks great! We love him! Thank you so much for being so helpful through the whole process. He is exactly what we were looking to add to our family! "
- Kelsey, Russ, Cooper and Henry | February 2018