"Hi, I wanted to reach out to you with best wishes for a wonderful New Year while sending along the receipt for Henry's neutering. Please let me know if the attached doesn't suffice. Henry is an amazing dog, and he's brought so much joy into the family! He has successfully moved through a residency training program, and we continue to work with him in an advanced class. At 6 months, he is a fluffy 45 pound ball of never ending happiness! He loves walks, his toys, rides in the car, and everyone he meets. He also loves to steal socks from the hamper and chase the cat (and once he once he stole a roll of TP as the attached photo shows...), so he has a mischievous side to him as well. Sometimes we have to turn away after telling him No! so he doesn't see us smiling at his antics because even when he is a naughty puppy, he is a funny puppy. I've taken him to work, to the mall, and we have plans to take him on vacation next summer. He is such a wonderful addition to our home, and we love him so much! Best wishes to you and your family for 2019!"
- Elizabeth | December 2018

"Hi, Henry (aka Kenton) continues to do well, and we love him to death as do all the neighbors, who stop over to pet him almost daily! Still zero accidents at night, and he is happy in his cage for 7 hours. I know you asked about the vet check, and so you will find the receipt. Please let me know if this does not suffice. Henry is well; we did a few immunizations last night but will continue to shelter him from random dogs as the doggie influenza is on the uptick right now in the metropolitan area. The vet did say that the vitamins were superfluous if we continue with the current dog food. We will continue to send pictures! "
- Elizabeth | August 2018

"Hi There! We just wanted to reach out and let you know that we have fallen head-over-heels in love with Henry. He was wonderful on the ride back yesterday- no accidents and no car sickness. He already walks to the back door when he needs to do his business, and he slept all night in the crate easily, again without having had an accident. He is super sweet and playful. Today we will start some basic training in the backyard. We are so happy!!!"
- Elizabeth and Andy | August 2018