"Henry (AKA Axel) is now 16 weeks old and doing great! He is super smart and well behaved. Henry loves to play with all his toys and he also loves going outside anytime he can! We have him trained on the inground electric fence outside and he understood quickly that he should not try to pass the warning flags to leave the yard. He is completely potty trained and has been since within the first 2 weeks of having him, he is very smart and knows how to sit, lay down, and shake all with verbal commands and with hand signals. Henry also knows how to attempt to rollover and stay but we are still working on that. He is great with our golden doodle Bentley and loves to go with me on car rides to visit my friends and their dogs. We are still trying to teach him not to bite at the other dogs legs but it looks like he is trying to heard them and I was wondering if that is a usual thing that Bernedoodle’s do? Overall he is great and healthy and is up to date on all his shots! Here are some updated pictures of Henry!"
- Rachel | December 2022